December 21, 2019

Factors Voters Should Ignore

If you’ve, sometime, and other, been confused, and/ or, felt you didn’t understand, why, and what countless voters, base their decisions, on, you might be certainly, not, alone! Sometimes, perhaps, more, seriously, than, in – jest, I have stated, Never under – estimate the stupidity, or gullibility, from the American voter, because, it appears, election – cycle, after election – cycle, they generally vote, to the candidate, who adds the most promises, and empty rhetoric, rather than one, who might give you a viable solution, instead! With that in mind, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 on the factors, voters could well be wise, to mostly, ignore.

1. Popularity/ personality/ likeability: While we need to like, those, we choose to office, would not it be better, to pay for far more focus on that, and realize, it’s a lot more relevant, to opt for individuals, who’re prepared, and enjoy the assets, etc, needed, to not only produce a change (or suggest changes), but alternatively, proceed, that has a combination of idealism, and pragmatism, to perceive and conceive of, create, develop, and implement the best possible, most viable solution, that’s the best chance, flying insects a difference, for that better! Instead of making decisions, dependant on their personality, and perceived popularity, we’d like elected officials, that are ready, willing and able to set citizens first, rather then their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

2. Empty promises: Candidates, usually, make many promises, but, generally, in the full details, of how it can be implemented, and, even, less often, the costs, risks, and potential ramifications (negative and positive) could possibly be! We must forecast these manipulations, and demand quality, informed, details!

3. Rhetoric: Ignore their rhetoric, because, too frequently, it can be truly, empty! When you hear someone, complain, and blame another individual, while never admitting, his personal mistakes/ errors, and/ or, responsibility, see your face is generally, not going, to accomplish it, mainly because it needs to be!

4. Spend, and spending promises: Tax the rich. A fairer system. It’s the fault from the 1%! All of these forms of statements, often, wind up, being, merely, excuses, for spending, and much more spending! How will or not it’s paid for, and, what are benefits, and risks, involved?

5. False perceptions/ rhetoric: Medicare for All, Repay All Student Loans, Free College For All, Lower your taxes. While the idealism, and positive messaging, for these particular, along with campaign promises, often attract voters, they rarely give you a viable solutions, for that greater good, or move, politicians, towards a significantly – needed, meeting – of – the – minds!

I’m fed up, and never going to get it anymore. These sentiments, with the key character, in, Network, go a sizable – way, towards, explaining, why a great number of, eventually, end – up, getting, burnt – out, concerning the endlessness with the political system!