January 12, 2020

Mistakes Democrats

The history with the Democratic Party, especially, before few decades, is, they often times, exhibit, the power, to figuratively, shoot – themselves from the leg, with regard to positioning themselves, most effectively, towards winning elections. For example, twice, this century, Democrats, have, twice, despite winning the widely accepted vote, lost the Presidency, because from the Electoral College. In addition, they generally, use a primary season, brimming with their potential candidates, ripping, the other, apart, and, thus, harming the possibility, with their eventual nominee. With that in mind, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 mistakes, Democrats, have consistently made, during the past, and attempt to do so, regarding selecting their candidate, particularly for President on the United States.

1. Primary process: Frankly, stated, the principal, and caucus, process, used, is one with their worst enemies! When the first four places, are certainly not representative, on the nation, in its entirety, and, into two circumstances, are odd – looking, caucuses, the actual fact, the media, and voters, pay a great deal attention, to the telltale, often results in a candidate, poorly fitted to victory in November! Since, most admit, there are actually certain states, which might be considered Blue (Democrat – leading), and, others, Red (Republican – leading), shouldn’t this be regarded as, and weighed, in terms of finding the most effective nominee!

2. Pseudo – debates: As someone, who debated, during high school graduation, and college, precisely what is referred to as a debate, is, at best, a pseudo – debate, because, they, often, deteriorate, to scream – fests, and, catch – phrases, in addition to sound – bytes. After all, we should be electing an upcoming President, and, not the very best screamer, etc!

3. Over – analyzing: The media, and also other, so called, pundits, over – analyze, and hang up, simply too much analysis, into the things they conceive as significant, along with their personal biases! Both, President Trump, who lost (or most believe) every debate, he ever entered, together with others, including Ronald Reagan’s and Barack Obama;s first – debates, were definately not, great presentations. However, in our snap – to – judgement, we now have already witnessed, the slate running inside the primaries, narrowed from more than 20, to about 6, currently!

4. Empty promises: When candidates make empty promises, without explaining reality, ramifications, plus a cost/ benefit analysis, who benefits? While, by way of example, Medicare – For – All, may appear wonderful, the possible for enactment, currently, is practically, none, and, the whole costs, are actually presented with rose – colored, glasses, no-one benefits!

5. Infighting: Bickering, infighting, and blaming/ complaining, doesn’t achieve much, of the constructive nature, while, often, weakening the Democratic nominee, from the general election! Instead of unifying their party members, with the common good, it usually, ends – up, mainly because it did, in 2016, dividing, and conquering, and electing their political foes!