February 5, 2020

Divided We Fail

The latest DNC debate just showed how selfish every candidate is really. The only one that stood his ground up against the onslaught of shmere tactics was Senator Sanders. The egos of everyone else portrayed them as very self-centered and intensely selfish individuals. It was quite obvious how they don’t value the people but themselves. While many are attacking Senator Sanders being a socialist we should remember that every country except some has capitalism integrated with socialism. This is something Bloomberg as well as the rest of those candidates on that stage can’t comprehend. When you are at your workplace that is capitalism when you retire and acquire Social Security that is certainly socialism.

It is extremely clear what these candidates are very about. And, that debate in South Carolina proved it. The antagonism, the out right animosity and hostility toward Senator Sanders again proved how they are very hostile and afraid when Senator Sanders gets elected they may loose status within the status-quo these days. As Senator Sanders reiterated the status-quo merely has benefited the highest 1%.

One cannot help remembering way back in 1996 if the Republican Party united behind a single person, Senator Bob Dole. There was really no infighting among other candidates. A unity of purpose prevailed from the Republican party then. Today, the DNC has allowed these candidates showcase which the party is not united. And, that debate highlighted the deep animosity and division within. Instead of pulling together according to Senator Sanders they’ve already splintered the Democratic Party to where it might be almost impossible to defeat Trump this November. And with Senator Warren as well as others vowing to remain the course to undermined the Democratic party and continuing to increase divide the deep divisions within again just shows they can be more interested in themselves in lieu of joining in unity to get the one candidate that may unify the world.

What the DNC is progressing just like they did 4 years ago in sabotaging Senator Sanders. They are purposely making certain that our elections are engineered to make certain more oligarchy rule with the super elite. If the public can’t realize what’s actually going on inside our elections we so cherish only then do we are doomed to suffer the outcomes of more corruption in your democratic process. When people become so complacent and familiar with a certain method of things especially our seniors they become very leery of anyone who efforts to bring changes with their lives. Essentially they may be afraid of change or any disruption to your status-quo. What they don’t get and might know about really don’t understand is any particular one changes become necessary at time to get progress, prosperity, security and stability in our everyday lives.

Need we remind everyone which the status-quo these days has only perpetuated the ruling class elite plus the rest of the 1%. If we can’t or won’t accept what’s actually happening in our political process today shows we’ve become too gullible from the continued allure of wealth and power. If we used your time to really educate ourselves we might actually know what Senator Sanders is wanting to do for each and every American. To paraphrase a Bob Dylan song and also a Bernie Sanders add “The times these are a changing.” Let us make these changes possible.