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What does give the tariff with miners, what is it necessary for? In general, please clarify in more details what is the difference between the tariffs, except for the price, of course.

The main disadvantage of Bitcoin is that any transaction can be tracked on the blockchain. The disadvantage of usual service of mixing is that you giving a "dirty money" at the result you can also get a " dirty money", only not yours. We have added to the service cleaning function, as a result, you get money from Bitcoin exchanges and miners. As for mining, the coins are deposited into your wallet as a reward for the creation of block, as if you are a miner.

The coins got by the technology of mining, never have the incoming transactions. It means you get newly created completely anonymous coins with no history. Everything is from a clean page!

Our solutions are really the best way to be sure of the origin of the coins!
What data is stored on your servers? How long will they be stored?

The information about the addresses to which you need to withdraw funds are either stored for the time specified in the line - Time to send or until the withdrawal is completed. It depends what of two options will happen faster. After that the data is deleted.
Tell me about the tariff Standard, what kind of coins is there? What is the difference between it and Exchanges Mix?

The tariff Standard is available for any coins that choose the system. Including those that were previously sent by other clients of the system.

The tariff Exchanges Mix is available for the coins evenly mixed with the coins directly from the crypto-exchanges.
Security of the service

Service was been developing for a very long time and we are constantly updating it. We have big plans. During this time, the service was repeatedly tested the efficiency not only by us, but also by leading cryptomaniacs, IT specialists, auditors and analysts. A very difficult way has been done. We understand your concerns and trust issues. The trust to such services are accumulate by the years.

- Our team only consists of professionals. We are constantly developing, reading and studying the colleagues, Blockchain researchers and leading experts from various Universities of the world. We are in the thick of things, in the "epicenter of the Blockchain", visit Conferences, Valleys, and monitor what is safe and what is not safe.

- Our distributed servers, load balancers, and network infrastructure are located in multiple regions, preventing the tracing of transactions.

- We do not collect or store any logs, personal information or any other data related to your activity on BitMaximum. Once the coins have been transferred to your wallets, all related data will be permanently erased both from our database and from your wallet. All the information about the host address will be removed after a 72-hour period.

- To prevent any dispute, we use a signature system. Each new generated address is signed using our unique Bitcoin address. The transaction is easy to check in the blockchain. This allows you not to get into a situation where you have transferred the coins, but never got them back. How it works? Together with the wallet for withdraw, you get a signature formed from the address given to you with the help of a private key, the public key to which is the address of our wallet. This signature you can check using the address of our wallet, it eliminates the possibility of replacement the address to deposit funds by an hacker.

- Protection from Sybil Attack. No one will be able to mix his/her coins to the coins of customers.

You can also read the "theses" on the first page of this topic, and the description of our service, after which you will understand that our system is the most thought out and safe.
Why do you have a large commission of 1%, and competitors have 0.3% minimum? What are the dangers of small commissions?

Price = Quality of services and work. Security is a private matter of everyone. Choose what service suits you best. You can not save on security. In order to make the service work at the highest level and in a paranoid mode, we can not use smaller commissions just physically.

Small commissions, fixed commissions, fast transfers and no division of funds (transfers from one address to one address) are dangerous because the link between transactions instantly find the companies involved in the analysis of the blockchain. This is EXTREMELY not safe for customers. Therefore, we recommend to use more than one address as the target address and use as much latency between transactions as possible.

Also, unlike the competitors, we use the random values of our commissions and commissions of miners, as well as make the distribution between wallets in random order. Also, we STRONGLY do not recommend our customers to consolidate funds back on one address after the mixing. This negates all efforts to break the payment chain.

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