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Generic Theme
Hi, just purchased the new Generic theme today, and have to say i like it alot. I am however having a couple of issues i would like to address if i could. 

1. How would i slow the speed of the news ticker on the nav? (if possible)

2. I would like to add the Facebook Login button to the 'popup login' where can i accomplish this in the templates?

3. I was previously using the IMGUR image uploader with much success, but having an issue with this template and that mod. It works, but when clicking from desktop, the uploader appears in the upper left corner of the screen making it impossible to click it to upload an image, dragging an image to the uploader does work however. I am thinking its something in the code of the transparent header perhaps, as it works fine on all other templates i tested, inculding the NetPen template which i also purchased previously. (the uploader should appear centered on the screen)

Thanks for your assistance

here is an screenshot of where the image uploader appears on the screen with this template for some reason
Please check PM!

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