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5 Quick SEO Guide for Forum Owners!
[Image: pexels-photo-1010973.jpg]

5 Quick SEO Guide for Forum Owners

Attractive Title - Apply SEO in your Topic/Thread Title.
You might want to read my other thread: Site Speed – Users abandon sites that takes more than 5 seconds to load.

Mobile Optimization – 60% of people uses mobile to browse internet.

Quality Content – 
1. Always use keyword in your post but don’t overuse it.
2. Make sure it’s readable and has bullets.
3. Always include solutions, answers, and guides that can help searchers.
4. Link your sources (Back up your post with facts)
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Banklinks – Share your posts to social media, forums, blogs, and directories. Note: You can re-share your posts on social media after 1 week but with new messages or taglines.

Get backlinks effortless (passive) by making:
·        Original Videos
·        Interesting Infographics
·        Quality Pictures
·        Surveys and Statistics (reliable)
·        Interviews with popular leaders
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Just updated this thread! Good luck everyone!
How can I check my site speed sir? What should I do to minimize the loading speed?

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