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Forums being attacked by Spammers
I believed that these spammers lately are not spambots because they can easily bypass 
the security system and email verification, in other words, they're they are people.
I also heard from other sources that these spammers are from "India" and this is a high-paying job to them.

so everyone be sure to enable your security and always check your forums. 
Also for MyBB forum owner be sure to activate your "purge system."

to other forum software and blogs, be sure to install security plugins to avoid getting 

Why Avoid/Prevent this Spammers?
Because its bad for your websites SEO ranking and your domain & page authority.
When your SEO ranking and domain authority is dropping to the lowest don't expect any visitors from Google anymore.
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Unfortunately, on one side there are always the vast majority of People form any Country that behave normal in any way, on the other hand the minority of those who behave badly, illegal... make Forum and Blog owners to block IP's from a certain Countries ...

It is sad that we are force to, practically, punish good behaving majority, because of the way the minority act, in order to protect our own Web projects ...
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