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Issue with sub-forums, see screenshot
Appears to not be handling sub-forums correctly.

[Image: IP1Emx2.jpg]

I could fix it most likely, but much easier if told how to do, haha. And may help some other users as well.

Is that NetPen or NetPen Pro Theme?
Hi, thanks for the reply. It's Netpen downloaded from MyBB extend. I assume Netpen regular.
Well I would still need at least URL to your Forum.

You can send it to me using PM.
Okay, I've sent you a PM.
Still waiting for a solution.
Sorry, I though it was OK, since you weren't replying ...

Well, as I told you, it is first time that someone using my Theme just for responsive view ... Maybe Main Theme causing some sort of conflict.

Do you have everything updated, MyBB, Themes, Plugins ...?

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Issue with sub-forums, see screenshot00