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Forum's/Website's Name: HoverSignal

Category: Technology & Business

Describe your Forum: HoverSignal is an interactive notifications constructor for websites. They look like push-notifications and help the website look more alive and popular, with gamification parts.

It is approved that these notifications help to increase:
Session Duration
Social proof

An example of a notification which increases social proof
Most of you have seen different calls to action on like «3 rooms remaining»
«There are 15 bookings in last 24 hours». Using HoverSignal you can make similar notifications, which encourage people to make an action.

An example of a notification which increases the session duration
Opening a website, a person sees slowly increasing sale and keeps staying on the page. When he/she clicks it, a form with E-Mail or phone number request appears.

What’s the point?
We’ve been developing this service for our own needs and now have tested it with 10 clients. More information about this is going to be uploaded.
The beta-test is open and the service is free to use at the moment. We are developing new features and pricing.

There is going to be more content and more constructor possibilities and new types of notifications are coming as well.



Wow this looks interesting.. I wonder if this is also user friendly to mobile users.

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