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What makes your Website Special?
As for me I think my website is special because I have carefully place 
the right spot for ads and got 3 post that ranks on 1st page of google
with my own efforts and experiments. :)
I think its special because its about religious and christian songs! :)
There are still many business owners that really don't understand the possibilities of a good website which can surely bring their business globally. As we all know that about more than 2.4 billion of people uses the internet everyday. 90% of these users searches online the good product they intend to buy. In the past few months, 40% of these internet users successfully purchased their required products or services online. More than 70% of potential new customers would definitely check your products on internet before participating or showing any interest in business with you. 55% of buyers always perform a detailed research about the company.
I think uniqueness & relevancy are two main pillars.

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