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Should I remove theme credit?
I am using NetPen theme and very much satisfied with it and do think to change to other themes in near future rather promote the forum.

Here I am facing a problem with the theme I feel is very disturbing for me and my visitor too. Here I am talking about theme credit link which appears at the bottom. I have no objection to giving credit to its owner as I am a creator too (graphic author, graphic designer, youtube content maker, blogger and a forum owner).

:::: I had the older theme which is now upgraded with a new theme. Both have a credit link as free version & I can not purchase it. I think there is a problem after upgrading it (this is another one I will create another thread for this).

-The older theme has two links at the bottom to "NetScripter" which were good earlier and later changed to an adult site and now the site is offline (it is bad to link to an adult site and also bad to give an offline/broken site).
-The newer one had a similar two link which was good and later it changed to a photography site.

Here I can not decide if I should leave the link as it is. I believe my visitors are visited by parents and sometimes kids/teenagers where I do not want to show a link which leads to adult pages.
Sorry to hear about your problem.

We have dropped netscripter domain a long ago, so we have absolutely nothing to do with it now. You can remove NetScripter domain link.

About credits generally ... a few graphics and css changes DOES NOT make any theme. Themes have a thousands lines of codes. Without these lines of codes ... it would be absolutely useless. To create any Theme it takes a months of hard work, at least 8-10 hours per working day ... so Graphics are important, colors etc ... but it is just a "clothing" ... what is important is "Body and organs" ...

That is why no matter how many graphics or CSS changes you make, it just cannot make you Theme's author ...

Now you do as you wish ...
Thanks for the reply. I will change the link ...

Well about my creative work I am not claiming myself a theme author (not theme author but graphic author), I just said I am a designer too and I know how it feels when someone does not wants to give credit for a free theme or graphic or photo. This is why I am asking for the guide, so other will not accuse me why I removed the link.

Also there is one more problem. Site view for logged and non logged users are different. Older theme appears for looged users and new theme for non logged users. ...why so?...
It depends on yoru USP >> Edit Options settings. Choose "Use Default" when choosing Forum's Theme.

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