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What does give the tariff with miners, what is it necessary for? In general, please clarify in more details what is the difference between the tariffs, except for the price, of course.

The main disadvantage of Bitcoin is that any transaction can be tracked on the blockchain. The disadvantage of usual service of mixing is that you giving a "dirty money" at the result you can also get a " dirty money", only not yours. We have added to the service cleaning function, as a result, you get money from Bitcoin exchanges and miners. As for mining, the coins are deposited into your wallet as a reward for the creation of block, as if you are a miner.

The coins got by the technology of mining, never have the incoming transactions. It means you get newly created completely anonymous coins with no history. Everything is from a clean page!

Our solutions are really the best way to be sure of the origin of the coins!
What data is stored on your servers? How long will they be stored?

The information about the addresses to which you need to withdraw funds are either stored for the time specified in the line - Time to send or until the withdrawal is completed. It depends what of two options will happen faster. After that the data is deleted.
Tell me about the tariff Standard, what kind of coins is there? What is the difference between it and Exchanges Mix?

The tariff Standard is available for any coins that choose the system. Including those that were previously sent by other clients of the system.

The tariff Exchanges Mix is available for the coins evenly mixed with the coins directly from the crypto-exchanges.
Security of the service

Service was been developing for a very long time and we are constantly updating it. We have big plans. During this time, the service was repeatedly tested the efficiency not only by us, but also by leading cryptomaniacs, IT specialists, auditors and analysts. A very difficult way has been done. We understand your concerns and trust issues. The trust to such services are accumulate by the years.

- Our team only consists of professionals. We are constantly developing, reading and studying the colleagues, Blockchain researchers and leading experts from various Universities of the world. We are in the thick of things, in the "epicenter of the Blockchain", visit Conferences, Valleys, and monitor what is safe and what is not safe.

- Our distributed servers, load balancers, and network infrastructure are located in multiple regions, preventing the tracing of transactions.

- We do not collect or store any logs, personal information or any other data related to your activity on BitMaximum. Once the coins have been transferred to your wallets, all related data will be permanently erased both from our database and from your wallet. All the information about the host address will be removed after a 72-hour period.

- To prevent any dispute, we use a signature system. Each new generated address is signed using our unique Bitcoin address. The transaction is easy to check in the blockchain. This allows you not to get into a situation where you have transferred the coins, but never got them back. How it works? Together with the wallet for withdraw, you get a signature formed from the address given to you with the help of a private key, the public key to which is the address of our wallet. This signature you can check using the address of our wallet, it eliminates the possibility of replacement the address to deposit funds by an hacker.

- Protection from Sybil Attack. No one will be able to mix his/her coins to the coins of customers.

You can also read the "theses" on the first page of this topic, and the description of our service, after which you will understand that our system is the most thought out and safe.
Why do you have a large commission of 1%, and competitors have 0.3% minimum? What are the dangers of small commissions?

Price = Quality of services and work. Security is a private matter of everyone. Choose what service suits you best. You can not save on security. In order to make the service work at the highest level and in a paranoid mode, we can not use smaller commissions just physically.

Small commissions, fixed commissions, fast transfers and no division of funds (transfers from one address to one address) are dangerous because the link between transactions instantly find the companies involved in the analysis of the blockchain. This is EXTREMELY not safe for customers. Therefore, we recommend to use more than one address as the target address and use as much latency between transactions as possible.

Also, unlike the competitors, we use the random values of our commissions and commissions of miners, as well as make the distribution between wallets in random order. Also, we STRONGLY do not recommend our customers to consolidate funds back on one address after the mixing. This negates all efforts to break the payment chain.
Blockchain technology gives a possibility to monitor all transactions and to de-anonymize the person in most cases is not difficult.
You always have the risk of being under the control of intelligence agencies or criminal elements. In our opinion it is a direct violation of the rights and freedoms of an individual.
All information is completely in the public access! We are for the freedom of private life in Internet!
Therefore, our service will be useful not only for the crypto investors and traders who does not want that strangers will know about their assets and movements of funds, but also for charitable foundations, media persons, businessmen and ordinary people who want to shop online privately! Live by a free life!
Prevalence of "Exchanges Only" tariff.

Increasingly we get the applications for exchange coins at a tariff from exchanges. In this version of the tariff Exchanges Only provides an increased level of security. Coins are transferred to the client only from exchanges. Selected by us exchanges do not trade by questionable coins. You get a really clean crypto currency with a good history.
You will not get your old coins (sent to us) or coins of other people. Brand new clean source!
The Commission of this tariff is 3%.
Ready for large volumes! If your volumes exceed our deposits on the forums, we can arrange the transfer through the guarantor!
We were interviewed. This is one of the largest resources in the network about the security in internet.
[URL=""]Here is the link to the article: [/URL]

The article is in Russian. Here is translation:

Interview with the owner of the service BitMaximum. Bitcoin mixer of new generation!

In autumn, we began to cooperate with a Bitcoin mixer of new generation — BitMaximum. We wrote a detailed review about the service and the system of work, who has not seen - can be found here. Within a few months, users have accumulated a lot of questions to the owner of the service. Questions about the service came to us and to the owners of the mixer. We have decided to make a short interview with the Creator of BitMaximum service. It was interesting. Enjoy reading! ?

Hi. Tell us how and why you have decided to create a Bitcoin mixer?

BitMaximum Team:
Hello! Projects that existed at the time of the decision did not meet our requirements as the users of the services. They, by the way, and now do not satisfy. For example, to make the API work without the need to register and through Tor.

Why is your product better than the other similar services?

BitMaximum Team:
We focus on user’s security. Our service does not require Java Script, does not require registration, we do not use Cookies, we offer an API that can be used completely anonymously.

The same applies to the payments — transactions are sent to the network only through the third-party services through Tor. Each time a random size of the commission of network is used. A random size of the commission of our system is used. Random delays between the outgoing transactions within one order are used.

We provide the maximum protection for our system. Our service works in paranoid mode. Our servers are inaccessible. But even if you just argue and admit the slightest possibility in the theory, in any case, the internal architecture of the project is arranged in such a way that even in the case of compromise of the server where the public part of the system is located, it will be impossible to replace the addresses given to the client. Of course, if the client does not forget to check the address signature before the payment. It is also worth to note that the public XPub keys and private address keys are also not stored anywhere in the public part of the system.

That's interesting. Many people worry before they make transactions through the mixers. Why it is necessary do not worry, but on the contrary, it is necessary to use mixers?

BitMaximum Team:
First, it is necessary to find a reliable partner and work with him. Secondly, we would recommend to avoid the system where Google captcha is used or distribution of private keys from the pre-prepared addresses. This is certainly convenient, but only if you are not confused by the complete lack of security.

Many people have an opinion that it is impossible to connect an address in the blockchain with its user. This is a big misconception. There are companies that analyze blockchain and data obtained from the public sources and connect them together.

Confuse these guys you can only by following these rules:
- always use Tor;
- work with disconnected Java Script;
- NEVER use the same address again, the rest of transactions is also ALWAYS sent to a new address;
- do not aggregate funds from different addresses after they have been passed through the mixer. If you are not satisfied with the random distribution of outgoing payments, you need to use manual settings;
- always use random fees when making payments;
- distribute the logically related transactions over time if it is possible;
- do not publish your addresses in the public places, including private forums, because someone else can allow them to leak;
- do not use the services that require the regular payment to the same Bitcoin address;
- do not share the private keys with other people;
- do not use online wallet services;
- using the HD-wallets to create own ways of derivation;

You're talking about new technologies. What new technologies do you use?

BitMaximum Team:
As mentioned above, the main priority is the safety of users. Therefore, the main accent was placed on the creation of a multi-component system with a strict division of responsibility, where each component is isolated from the other. But details, for obvious reasons, we can't sound. In General, quite a lot of efforts are required to create a presentable design without the use of modern Java Script.

Does It happen that the transaction is lost. What to do in this case and how to get your money back?

BitMaximum Team:
It is necessary to clearly understand what is "lost"! As have mentioned above, if the signature of the address is verified, that the system does when creating an order, the customer can be sure that the address belongs to our system. And then you need to carefully read the terms of service and follow them.

For example, do not send more than one transaction to the given address or send less than 0.01 BTC. We ignore such transactions and do not send them back. Sometimes glitch the outgoing transactions. For example, before the recent BCH hard fork, miners transferred a lot of capacity to new networks and transactions in the BTC network took several hours. In all cases, please contact us at support, we try to answer as quickly as possible. In any case, we always process all transactions that comply with the rules of the service.

Do you have difficulties in the market? Pressure from competitors? Unfair competition?

BitMaximum Team:
Competitors are constantly trying to put pressure. The main vector of attack is the mass creation of orders. If you noticed, we didn't have a captcha until the last moment. We had to introduce it precisely because of the pressure of competitors. But do not worry, we generate captcha ourselves, third-party services and Java Script are not used for this. We believe that the competitive advantage can only be the level of services provided. We prefer not to start sofa wars and pour mud on someone, but simply try to constantly improve our service.

What is the benefit to the owner of such a service to keep and promote the service? Nothing is ever done for nothing. What's wrong?

BitMaximum Team:
There is no trick. We charge a commission for the services provided. Moreover, the more the customer agrees to pay, the greater level of security we can provide for him.

What are your plans for the further development? What interesting things do you plan to make the service better?

BitMaximum Team:
The plans are quite extensive:
- expand the list of exchanged cryptocurrencies. Soon we will add BCH, LTC, ETH, DASH;
- open for all more expensive rates that will allow you to buy coins directly from the miners. Now this feature is in closed beta mode, please contact support if you are interested in this service;
— add the exchange of cryptocurrency, including instant;

Thank you for your time. It was interesting. We wish success and prosperity to the service!

BitMaximum Team:
We hope that this information was useful for you and you got answers to some questions.
Thank you for your attention!

1) A you tired of mixing someone else dirt coins in the mixers and get at the output the money of suspicious origin?

2) We present you a Mixer of new generation with the possibility of getting a pure digital currency from the exchanges and miners.

3) Absolutely innovative stealth system. There are no analogues!

4) Coins directly from the exchange! You get a really pure digital currency with a good history.

5) Mining directly into your wallet! These coins do not have history, so they are completely anonymous.

6) 4 cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, LiteCoin, Ethereum

7) A unique system of ranking wallets. A direct correlation of the level of wallet with a level of privacy.

8) Powerful strong algorithm of randomization. According to the depth of the chain, the time and the size of the commission.

9) Does not require javascript. No cookies, no fingerprints. TOR-mirror. API without registration and much more for your peace of mind and security.

Good day sir! I wonder what is the best altcoin to invest now aside from the popular coins.

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