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My Curve Sky Banner Banner
Update: How about this admin?
[Image: netpen-promotion_10-9-18-part3.png]


Update: Base on Seoyoon advice
[Image: netpen-promotion_10-9-18-part2.png]

[Image: netpen-promotion_10-9-18.png]

I made it pretty simple this time, I hope you can help me and give some tips to make it even better as I will add my successful banners soon on my portfolio. Thanks!
For me, I think you should remove the social media button and replace it with something else.
Also, the font is not that catchy for me. Anyway, this is just my own opinion and I'm not that
good yet in graphic designing.
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  • MrDangem
Just one tip, if you don't mind. it is general tip, keep Fonts consistent. Don't use too many different Fonts, especially on Logos and Banners ...
Also when you have such a beatuful background, you should try with a little transparency on Fonts, so it looks like a blurred glass or similar ...
How about this admin???

[Image: netpen-promotion_10-9-18-part3.png]

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