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AggregateRating (markup: - NetPen-Pro-Gaming
Hello. I have NetPen-Pro-Gaming

I have 2800 errors in webmaster tools - Structured Data.

AggregateRating (markup: - "Missing: best or worst rating"

forum/thread-....html - item with errors 1 - Last detected 10/17/18 - Errors Missing: best or worst rating

See sample after "Test Live Data" -

I looked everywhere around for a fix, no AggregateRating errors around similar to me.

Can I get some help ? Looks like the error is where there is no review.

(i tested one of the forum posts with error. i rated and added a star, then error dissapeared.
can't update with stars all forum posts, are too many :/
i notice this error appeared starting september, I don't remember what else I updated)

Following mybb forum support, AggregateRating are only added by you, theme creator ?

I go to
Forum Display Options
Use Thread Ratings?
Allow users to rate threads?
set YES / NO.

There is rating... I saved NO and instead of 3 errors now I have 2 per thread.

mean that theme added this ?

<div itemscope itemtype="" style="display:none !important;"><div><span itemprop="itemReviewed">...................</span><span itemprop="ratingValue"></span><span itemprop="ratingCount">0</span></div></div>

? so I have to find where are located the code and remove?

Is there a way to fix, if there is no rating, or if not, it would look ugly without rating, but for the best result should I go to remove all code from theme + disable from setting the rating? any hint to fix, or what files to edit and code to remove?
Good day sir since you are a premium theme user you can
get faster support if you use the ticket feature of mybb-themes sir.

And open a Support Ticket.
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AggregateRating (markup: - NetPen-Pro-Gaming00