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How to Change Header Image of MyBB Generic Premium Theme
To all fans of Generic theme here is my easy guide in changing Generic Header Image.

1. First download the image file named "hbanner.jpg" at your cpanel file manager. at images>generic>hbanner.jpg OR You can find it at your extracted generic mybb premium theme files.

2. Open photoshop or any advance image editor to maintain its dimension 1920x1080. Then observe from
your website the area that can be seen as for me I made something to focus on that area.
[Image: hbanner-guide-1.jpg]

[Image: hbanner-guide-2.jpg]
3. now that you're familiar of the area add the image that you like and move it according to what you want to appear in your website.

[Image: hbanner-guide-3.jpg]
4. It's done now.

Thank you for reading my guide.

If you have any feedback, ideas or concerns just post a reply.
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