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VIP Membership
These are all the privaliges VIP Members get:
• Ability to give negative reputations
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• PM box increased to 2500 messages
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• Can view Negative Reputation Log
• Can search Username History
• Can edit/delete your own posts without time limits
• Can view past 72 hours Warning Log
• Removal of advertisements
• Special member group icon
• Max Post Length setting is 18,000 characters
• Can view the Bans page
• Access to Reputations Given
• Can edit your post after a moderator edit
• 100 points after upgrading
• Can deny PM receipts
• Can view invisible users in who's online list
• Custom stars
• Can invoke a Self Ban
• Ability to view other members warnings not just points
• Can open and close your own threads
• Additional private support for site problems
• Access to Trust Scan feature
• Can use Country Lock
[+] 2 users say Thank You to misharnet
for this post

Wow this is very great admin, I didn't know that mybb has such privilege for members!

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