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Lifestyle Quote/New Reply/New PM/Reply PM post message as source.
I've been working with the Lifestyle theme, first of all I'd like to mention that the theme was basically broken. My partner has basically repaired everything that was broken with it however the text editor is still destroy. I bought this theme to release a new style for my community I didn't expect to have to basically build the theme up.

So my major issue is when you quote a message, make a new reply, reply to a pm, anything that involves the text editor basically will add <p> </p> an other various things, including direct urls to smilies and sceditor classes. I'd like to know why this only happens on this theme.

I'd like to know how to use the default mybb editor the same one my original theme is using at the moment. I'd really like to release this theme for my community but this is halting all progress.

forum url:

Update: Reverting the codebuttons fixes the new reply, new quote etc post.
Please. create support ticket at OWLTHEMES.NET. This forum is not for Premium Themes.

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