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What's your favorite online language?
(01-05-2016, 07:52 PM)PingPongCall Wrote: HTML and that's only because I learned how to use it so well back in the days of Myspace. It was super easy to learn and luckily I have been able to apply it to my career to some extent.

That's always good.  I remember those MySpace days too.....

It was pretty simple to understand the code without knowing ANY HTML at all if you looked at the source code of a certain MySpace theme.  You could literally copy and paste it into your profile and change it without knowing much of anything.  I thought that was so cool back in the day.  I actually think a lot of sites now are just made by looking at others source code!

Every time I see a simple site I like I bookmark it and take a look at what they did behind the scenes :P
Im not yet familiar with some of this codes. But definitely I will learn a lot here. Just to extend my knowledge about different languages.
(12-11-2015, 09:28 PM)brendaanne3 Wrote: Whether is be HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, or something else. What's your favorite and why?

I personally don't have one. I'm most familiar with the ones I listed above but I like to mix and match and see what new things I can learn.

Python is my favourite. it is easy and the future of development

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What's your favorite online language?00