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What are your hobbies?
Hello everyone ! I 'm Daisy from UK and normal human being i have some hobbies like reading,writing (Dissertation Writing ),dancing,making new friends and last but not the least sleeping  135
My hobbies are reading, watching movies base on books, cooking, listening to music and playing with my cat.
Mom here! My hobbies are cooking for my family, watching good movies, playing badminton and cleaning the house (lol!) I wish I could do some planting too but naaah! I don't have a green thumb.
My hobbies are playing games on the internet and I'm also practicing singing Korean songs which is a hard thing to learn. This hobbies make me stay positive through the whole day and also whenever I'm feeling down or lonely.
(12-15-2015, 01:25 AM)moneyman Wrote: So what hobbies guys are having here?

My hobbies are playing electric guitar, fixing cars and exercising in a gym. In addition I like watching movies a lot.

My hobbies happen to be playing football in real life, I am a die hard fan of football and the club I support is Manchester United. 

Some other hobbies I take part in are playing football online games, taking a night stroll and drinking beer. 

I also enjoy watching movie series such as Game of Thrones, Helix, Shots fired, Z-Nation, Walking Dead, The Seeker etc. 
My hobbies are playing guitar, singing, and playing computer games. I loved reading books before but I can't find time to face it already and I can't seem to find interesting books now (can you suggest some?) So basically I do those things I mentioned earlier every short free time I have during the day. I don't want to read because I often end up reading for almost how many hours without doing anything productive.

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