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Be free to suggest and comment!
I want to encourage you to leave your reviews, feedback, suggestions, comments ... about NetPen Forum appearance, functionalities and general impressions.

Tell us what you like, what you don't like, what would you change, add, remove, redesign ...
Is there any options missing?
What would make you spend more time here ... what distract you while participating on this Forum?

Be free to comment moderation of this Forum as well. We want to learn, to improve our selves. Of course, if you have complains about certain moderator or admin ... you don't have to argue publicly, you can always send PM's to Admin.
Same with other members. If you want to complain about other member, either use "report" option or send PM's to NetPen Forum stuff.

Thank you.
Uhmm.. Well, I will leave a thread....
I like the comment box section, easy buffer, no hassle to access. Looks like a friendly environment! Nice!
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Be free to suggest and comment!00