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Favorite themes
I have a few that I always install and use because they offer so much flexibility. Currently I am using Magazine Basic for a couple of my sites, which allows me to chop and change the layout, allows for widgets in the header, and has the the ability to adjust the column sizes in addition to the layout. The only thing I don't like is the gray box for widgets, but the free version serves my needs for the time being.

My other favorite is The Thinker Lite, as it is simple and elegant. I like the menu bar at the top and the classic right hand side bar. I would recommend it for people that start out, because it's easy to use and is easily tailored to your own needs.
I personally do not have a favorite theme. I do rather, have a favorite company to launch my themes. I prefer wordpress over joomla or any other company, because how easy it is to create and get started with your website. I never went to school to learn HTML code, or how to create a website. Despite that fact, I am on my way to creating my 5th website using WP!
I prefer the Wordpress themes I see on sites and I know when you customized it, it gives one the required theme needed for the site.
I like poetries and my favorite themes of poetry are romance and Life and Death. I have few collection of my favorite themes and one of my favorite poetry is Alternate views of reality.

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