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Theme Installation
These are some extra clarifications about NetPen Theme installation (it could be used for other themes as well).

1. Open the "Upload" folder and upload all the content to the root of your forum.
2. If the system ask you to replace, press "yes", it's only custom content.
3. Go to ACP > Templates & Styles > Import a Theme > Select the NetPen-Theme.xml and press upload.
4. Go to Themes and set NetPen as the default theme.

I will explain the steps above in more detailed manner.

1. What is the "root of your domain"?
It could be said and labeled in various ways, like: Root folder or directory of domain etc ...
That is where your MyBB installation folders are located. Where admin, cache, images, inc ... folders are.

Most MyBB themes will have only Theme's images folder as an addition, but some of them will have inc or jscripts folders too.

NetPen Theme has only netpen images folder that you have to upload to your MyBb installation. It also has custom default_avatar image, but that is only my proposition to you, it is not obligatory to upload.

2.Where and how to upload netpen images folder?
Open upload folder, locate images folder in it. images folder is suppose to be uploaded to the root of your MyBB installation. It will override an existing images folder by adding new netpen folder to it.

Very important to know is that inside netpen images folder, there are other files as well beside images files, like CSS and JS files. Therefor it is important to have correct paths to netpen images folder, because there are already placed links to those CSS and JS files in NetPen Theme's "<head></head>" section.
You can find these links in:
Home » Template Sets » NetPen Templates » Template: headerinclude 


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