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Planning to make a Travel/Attraction Blog
I wonder what tools/plugins should I install to make it more fun to stay.
I already bought my camera and already have taken many beautiful places.
As far as I understand, it's going to be vblog, rather than standard blog. Go to and search for term "video blog".
So you're mainly looking for the tools and plugins that your travel type blog will need?

We'll my suggestions are the following:

- Jetpack; must have for any WordPress website,
- Google Analytic; must have for any website because it gives you great statistical data which you can then use to your own advantage to generate more traffic,
- one of the travel map plugins; you can then mark where you've been and so on. It's good so your readers have visual representation,
- a photo gallery plugin,

Also, remember to integrate your blog to your social media profiles! I hope that this helps :)
It's so expensive to be a Travel Blogger but it's definitely enjoyable and relaxing. I don't think I can afford to do that kind of lifestyle. I wish I have like a sponsor to do that kind of thing.
hope you got any sponsor to publish your blog or buy a domain because it could be costly.
Hope you like to share your travel experiences with all. Such kind of stuff remains an inspiration to me ever.
I also want to be a travel blogger, make sure you add videos on your blog
You can create blog through wordpress or blogger, Its you choices. After design blog you can use all things.

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