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How much is my website worth?
Good Morning,

I am the owner of a celebrity blog and forum, I have approached a company selling and buying online businesses (BizBroker24), they told me that my site is worth between 2.5x – 3.5x multiple.

I really would like to sell it as soon as possible.

Can you guys give me a confirmation about the metric and system used to evaluate my website?

What do you think about it? Would you sell it for this amount?
I think it depends on your monthly income bro, monthly unique visitors, monthly active users, and alexa rank.
Maybe I'm missinf something, but I don't see URL to your website?
Yeah, it will be easier for us to come up with an estimated price if you can include the link on your site. Another thing that will add the value of your site bro is the design if its your own theme or custom/premium theme that looks exceptionally good then it will surely maximize the price. However, if its design was a free theme or poorly customize it might affect your selling price.
Knowing the worth of your blog for sales depends on the following the number of years you have run the blog,it ranking on Google search,the volume of traffic and the method of monetization used.
I agree that you really need to give a link in order to have a more accurate price. But usually it will depend to the buyer and how much money he/she is willing to pay.

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