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Free Forum on Shop?
Good day everyone!

Just want say my idea, I notice that most of the theme shop online like
are featuring their free themes too, I wonder if we could do the same?
adding the Free-Netpen-Forum to the shop. 

Adding it with $0.00 price since its free on mybb community. I'm not sure about this but 
I believed that it might help to get more prospect buyers. :)
Well, I think MyBB is much better address for that. I have already positioned there well and I believe that if we use FREE MYBB CMS, we should give back something to the community. They need all that traffic and users who come there and download Themes/Plugins ... is Premium Clients website with Premium support. I'm afraif Free Theme would attract many spammers ...
I see.. that is great admin, I think its a smart thing to do. :)

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Free Forum on Shop?00