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One of the most famous mystical creatures of all time is the Loch Ness monster.I have a strange feeling that this creature is for real because it has been caught on camera a dozen of times.Although first spotted by Mr.Cambell now we have other videos as well to prove it’s existence. Have a look at these five videos by these and decide for yourself ….
No, it doesn't. There are a lot of videos about it saying that it's real but they are actually only theories. There hasn't been any strong evidence shown to prove it. They are only showing us abstract photos which only resembles the looks of the monster. There are still a lot of undiscovered species in the depths of the ocean due to its difficulty to explore and "maybe" the lochness monster is one of them so "maybe" I'll only start to change my opinion about its existence once someone provides us good evidence about it.
Who knows they are more intelligent than us and only playing with us. Just like dolphin they can use their brain's potential more than humans can.
I believe they are not playing with us. As most of the creatures that humans have been able to discover doesn't even make 20 percent of the total number of creatures in world. Bigfoot and Kong used to be mystical creatures but the Loch ness is something real as people have really made original videos regarding it. Just look on the youtube and you would be amazed that there are no videos for Bigfoot or any other mystical creature. Mark my words Lochness is a real animal
I also do believe that it's real, there are videos to prove it
We can't really tell it might be connected to the Hollow Earth theory. If so then the Loch monster is just visiting us and its homeland is in the Hollow.

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