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   Edge is the newest web browser of Microsoft as the old Internet explorer has been deprecated. Although EDGE is still in the developmental works and is not completely launched but has shown some serious gains in the speeds. As of now the EDGE seems to be doing great in running old extensions but has also shown to consume lesser RAM in comparison to OPERA and Mozilla Firefox. The king of Browsers is still the CHROME but the way EDGE is performing, it could come close to Chrome in a year or two. 
    I haven't used EDGE, so does anyone know how to download EDGE on Windows 7 as most of the people say that it is not possible. Some people have been successful by downloading virtual Win 10 but I don't know how to do it.Does anyone has tried it on Win 7 via virtual Win 10 ???
I haven't quite heard about this EDGE before but as an Internet addicted person, I am certainly sure that sooner or later it would be a public knowledge and we all would have our say about it. As you pointed out that it's still in the developing stage, I think it would be best to remain calm and allow it to be fully functional then we all if it's worth trying out.

Every internet user is always looking for a way to have a better browsing experience, so any new invention that might be able to offer such would definitely be highly appreciated and patronized.

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