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I Love Baguio
Brrrr, its sooooo cold out here. What will be the main tourist attraction this coming Panagbenga, the activities or the cold weather?
I think both. If by chance I get to go there this February or March, I would really look forward for that Float Parade in that cold weather. I always appreciate flowers you see, it is great to see it up-close. I am unfamiliar with other activities though, I just knew they have Grand Float Parade. Is it true local artists celebrate it with you as well? I mean do they invite celebrities too, I would love to see them also if ever.
Yes, celebrities are invited mainly in the grand float parade as well as our local artists here. The calendar of activities were already posted, although it is getting warmer nowadays, our flowers are really worth it. You can check some of these pictures taken by Mr. Palangchao from the farm, hopefully they will come out during the celebration.
[Image: 17884608_10154744566289317_4418165457206..._E83_A.jpg]

[Image: 26993711_10156198403199040_9632151356755...1_FA40.jpg]

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